Monday, January 06, 2014

Bible Study: Wisdom 14:22-31 - History repeating itself

The Romans of the Decadence, by Thomas Couture

Brethren, Peace and Good to all of you in Jesus Christ.

Today I "stumbled" upon these verses from the deuterocanonical Book of Wisdom. They impacted me so much that I want to share them with you:
22. It is not enough, however, for them to have such misconceptions about God; for, living in the fierce warfare of ignorance, they call these terrible evils peace.

23. With their child-murdering rites, their occult mysteries, or their frenzied orgies with outlandish customs,

24. they no longer retain any purity in their lives or their marriages, one treacherously murdering another or wronging him by adultery.

25. Everywhere a welter of blood and murder, theft and fraud, corruption, treachery, riot, perjury,

26. disturbance of decent people, forgetfulness of favours, pollution of souls, sins against nature, disorder in marriage, adultery and debauchery.

27. For the worship of idols with no name is the beginning, cause, and end of every evil.

28. For these people either carry their merrymaking to the point of frenzy, or they prophesy what is not true, or they live wicked lives, or they perjure themselves without hesitation;

29. since they put their trust in lifeless idols they do not reckon their false oaths can harm them.

30. But they will be justly punished for this double crime: for degrading the concept of God by adhering to idols; and for wickedly perjuring themselves in contempt for what is holy.

31. For it is not the power of the things by which they swear but the punishment reserved for sinners that always follows the offences of wicked people. (JB)
Brethren, the author of the Book of Wisdom blames the evils he saw in his time to idolatry, which he defined as giving to created things (i.e. idols, people) the worship due to God alone. He listed the consequences of idolatry in graphic terms:
- child-murdering rites,

- their occult mysteries,

- frenzied orgies

- outlandish customs,

- impure lives

- impure marriages

- murder

- adultery

-  theft and fraud,

- corruption,

- treachery,

- riot,

- perjury,

- disturbance of decent people,

- forgetfulness of favours,

- pollution of souls,

- sins against nature (lit. "inversion of sexes" or "homosexuality"),

- disorder in marriage,

- adultery and

- debauchery.
Impressive list, eh? The thing is that this list is so actual, the author of Wisdom may have been talking about today. Do you see the parallels? "Child-murdering rites" exists today as abortion and infanticide; "occult mysteries" survives today in the New Age movement and other forms of gnosticism, Wicca, and magic; "frenzied orgies" well, you can even buy those on video. "Outlandish customs" might refer to our "Halloween" - not the innocent trick-or-treating of children, but the Halloween that glorifies death and decay, or the cult to "la Santa Muerte" ("holy death") among Mexican drug-traffickers.

Or consider the feminazi terror group FEMEN and their latest desecration at Cologne's cathedral, along with the putrid threats found on their website. Ugly women doing ugly things. Isn't their outrageous behavior a clear example of impure living, corruption, treachery, riot, disturbance of decent people, and pollution of souls?

I invite all my readers to come up with their own examples of the above list and share them with us in our CommBox.

May the blessing of the Almighty God, Father, Son, and + Holy Spirit be with us in this New Year, as we face down evil with prayer and good works.