Sunday, August 25, 2013

More about @drsanjaygupta and “Medical #Marijuana” So-called

Brethren, Peace and Good to all of you.

You may remember my recent post on this subject the same day CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s TV special in which he came in support of medical marijuana. You may find my choice of subject curious, but you shouldn’t. Let me explain.

As you may also know from My Pet Issues page, I like to talk about things related to our country because my country is “my immediate field of Catholic Action; the place and community where I was born and where I live. The community, the land, and the resources to be forged and protected for the common good, as well as its social, economic, and governmental structures that support Freedom and Justice.” I think I must oppose this push for the immediate, unconditional push to legalize marijauna for medical use because it is a wedge issue. The idea comes from burned-out hippies who want to smoke weed and burn their remaining brain cells without fear of the police, and happy in the knowledge that Obama Care will channel the funds necessary to care for their health problems at tax-payer expense until their death for natural, or drug-induced causes. Obama Care is bound to fail because of the billions it will have to pay to freeloading marijuana smokers crashing head-on into senility, and the unwary youth and mature adults who think marijuana does no wrong at the expense of our nation’s safety and security. That potential outcome makes the empty-headed drive to legalize all drugs in general, and “medical marijuana” in particular, my business as Catholic Christian.

I also see another thing at work: another Great Lie fostered upon our naïve understanding of the link between illegal drugs and health that comes from the Evil One himself. The push to legalize drugs, same-sex relationships and marriage, transgenderism, are part of the same continuum of evil we must resist via legal and spiritual means.

Finally, I want to share this article by the Drug Free America Foundation published on their website which I think you ought to read.

What CNN and Sanjay Gupta Aren’t Telling You About Medi-Pot!

Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s “Weed” documentary, recently released and continuously promoted on CNN, paints a rosy, but misleading, picture of marijuana use as a so-called medicine. The program uses anecdotal stories that include positive claims of health benefits associated with marijuana. However, the reported benefits were not balanced by a reporting of the scientifically known health risks associated with its use or the documented wide-spread abuse of so-called medical marijuana programs. There also was no attempt to explain how legitimate medicines are developed from compounds found in natural plants rather than ingesting all compounds in the plant. This is an important distinction because it is not uncommon for some of those other compounds to actually be harmful, and sometimes deadly.

Many drug prevention, policy and treatment experts are confused by Gupta’s position. The big issue is really about what Dr. Gupta is not saying. He left it unclear whether he opposes the widely abused “medical” marijuana programs now legal in some states. As seen in states that track why people are using marijuana as a so-called medicine, on average, only 10% of the registered users have serious life-threatening diseases. His lack of a formal position on what he is or is not supporting is an irresponsible move for such a highly-regarded physician. Further, the CNN documentary was careless in suggesting positive health and psychological benefits of crude marijuana for which there is little or no scientific evidence. A golden opportunity was missed to discuss the potential of developing legitimate medicine from some of the compounds in marijuana that can withstand research and be delivered through safe delivery systems in appropriate and controllable dosage amounts.

Although the main anecdotal story that was highlighted by Dr. Gupta profiled a young girl who apparently is orally using a compound that is extracted from the marijuana plant, most individuals using marijuana under the guise of medicine are smoking it and this raises great concern to many doctors.

“As a practicing psychiatrist who daily witnesses the victims of marijuana use, abuse and dependence, I was dismayed and frankly puzzled by Dr. Gupta's on-air support of marijuana as a medicine. I could understand his position if he had been supporting FDA supervised development of cannabinoid-containing medications. However, to support the safe use of marijuana with the unknown potency of current product along with the numerous toxins and carcinogens produced by its inhalation is irresponsible in my opinion. Dr. Gupta's national media presence makes him a thought leader and I fear that the repercussions of his statements will be long lasting and quite damaging,” said Dr. David A. Gross, Chair of the International Scientific and Medical Forum on Drug Abuse.

Read also the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Position on Medical Marijuana, all 70 pages of it, before you think the government doesn’t understand what it’s really at stake.