Friday, June 28, 2013

Adieu, SSPX

Brethren, Peace and Good to all of you.

The SSPX never approached reconciliation in good faith. Their overwhelming goal was to have the Church to capitulate to their unreasonable, arrogant demands. Now, true to form, they have walked away from reconciliation leaving behind their usual mix of canonical and pseudotheological jargon in which they attempt to say that they have not done what they indeed have done: reopened the door to schism.

As you may know from most Catholic media, the Priestly Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), founded by the dissident traditionalist French Bishop Marcel Lefebvre, has announced its definitive separation from the Catholic Church.

I don't have to go into the details and for that I refer you to the news report. However, I will share my opinion with you: even when I prayed for a miracle, and granted the SSPX the benefit of the doubt, I never really believed they were actig in good faith. You can read my consistent doubts throughout all my posts about the SSPX collected under the "SSPX" tag or category.

I also will tell you the core reason why the SSPX rejected normalization with the Church - an event that will lead them into formal schism again: their core leadership, many of their clergy as well as their laity are a bunch of anti-Semites. Period, yes, that's what it is, I have no doubt about. For them, the Jewish people have no reason to exist, as individuals, as a distinct community, and as a state. They feel odium theologicum against the Jews and therefore disagree vehemently any exchange between the Church and the Jews that is not aimed at obtaining their unconditional capitulation to Christian truth. Since they no longer find the Church a hospitable place to exercise their hatred under the mantle of traditional liturgics and piety, they leave us so that they can hate in peace.

Brothers and Sisters: I have learned to love the usus antiquor, the extraordinary form of the Latin Mass. I love too the Byzantine Liturgy, and I am at home in a Mass of Paul VI properly and reverently celebrated according to the rubrics. The SSPX has no standing whatsoever to judge the Church gathered around Peter's Successor, nor the spiritual standing of the vast majority of Catholic Christians who disagree with their stands. The SSPX is headed to die in the vineyard now that they have cut themselves off from the Church of Jesus Christ.

To those Catholics of good faith that up to now have stood with the SSPX, you now face a serious choice: you either return in body, mind, and soul to the Catholic Church, or dissolve yourselves in the mist of schism and separation. Your salvation depends now on your decision.

Return, oh return, to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Roman Church. Repent, confess, and begin your healing. Then, come with us to help us rebuild the Church.