Sunday, June 30, 2013

Act of Self-Consecration After Holy Communion

Brethren: Peace and Good to all of you.

Today I simply wanted to share this Act of Self-Consecration After Holy Communion which I think will become a favorite prayer of yours for post-communion or after Mass:
O Lord, since I am Thy servant
and the son of Thy handmaid,
I renounce the devil and all his works and pomps;
all the vanity of this wicked world,
and all the sinful lusts of the flesh.
Thou alone art the God of my heart;
Thou, O God, art my portion for ever.
Thou art the portion of my inheritance
and and of my cup.
Thou art He that will restore my inheritance unto me.
Do Thou therefore take for Thine own all the powers of my
my memory my intellect,
and my will all that I am,
and all that I have,
Thou hast bestowed upon me:
therefore I give back all to Thee,
and surrender it to be wholly governed
by Thy sovereign will.
Grant me by grace to love Thee alone,
and I am rich enough and ask no more.