Thursday, April 04, 2013

Recent blog posts (by others) on same-sex "marriage"

Brothers and Sisters: Peace and Good to all of you.

These posts by other colleagues in the Catholic blogosphere on the subject of same-sex "marriage" will be of interest to you, I am sure:
Homosexuality: Does New Testament Condemn It – T. Marshall PhD

Preservation of Marriage: Battle Worth Fighting – J. Desmond 
Justice Sotomayor & the Path to Polygamy – Carson Holloway, PD 
#1 Reason Church Won’t Support Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ – F. Weathers 
Abp. V. Nichols Failure to Oppose Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ – Crshd Bns 
What Does the Church Offer to the Homosexual Person? – Msgr. Pope 
Media Not “Biased” To Same-Sex ‘Marriage’, It’s Promoting It – Fr. Z 
Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Activist: Marriage Shouldn’t Exist – K. O’Brien 
The Deconstruction of Marriage – Daniel Greenfield, Catholic Lane 
Supreme Court Weighs Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Cases – Russell Shaw 
Actor Jeremy Irons Raises Concerns – Matthew Archbold, Cr Mn Rp
Hat-tip to: Big Pulpit.