Saturday, March 16, 2013

The embarrassing, scurrilous tweets of @CardinalMahony

Brothers and Sisters:

Peace and Good to all of you.

Normally, I am circumspect when criticizing bishops, no matter what is the general perception people have of them, for they all are, faults and all, successors to the Apostles and anointed ones of the Lord. But the disrespect that Cardinal Mahony, Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles, has leveled against Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is beyond the pale. The picture below is from Cardinal Mahony’s Twitter page, see for yourself:


Cardinal Mahony was instrumental in one of the worst scandals in the Church in the United States, directly responsible in the further victimization and soul-murder of hundreds of innocent children by ephebophile and pedophile priests, and His Eminence considers mere papal esthetics as a matter of great importance for the Church? And who is he to show such a tremendous, insulting disrespect to Pope Emeritus Benedict, who labored so hard to do away with liturgical abuses and the advance of sentimentalism in our liturgy?

Recently, I defended the right of Cardinal Mahony to attend the Conclave because I thought he would serve as “a warning to others” and even that has some intrinsically good value. I even got into a short tweet war with another user on the subject. I wanted to give Cardinal Mahony some benefit of the doubt, some hope that he had learned a hard lesson and was to teach that lesson to others. I did so, because I believed – and still do – in redemption.

I was wrong when it came to Cardinal Mahony.

If I had known he was going to leave the Conclave and then say this, I wouldn’t have defended him. His statements bring him great embarrassment and dishonor. He deserves our constant prayers.

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