Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Love and Marriage in God's Plan

Brethren, Peace and Good to all of you.
I excerpted this from my post to Dr. Steve McSwain because I think it stands for itself. Since today is the March for Marriage in Washington and I can't attend, I wanted to share this with you instead. I assure you I may not be on the march in body, but my spirit is right there with them.
Why do we Catholic Christians insist that marriage is solely between one man and one woman? We do because we understand that our true unity as a human being, as "one flesh" is found in the intimate “knowledge”(“knowledge” in the biblical sense) we acquire in our union as “male and female”. Genderism is foreign to the thought of the biblical writer for whom, when it comes to the unity of the human being, and in order to conform to God’s primeval plan, psychological gender must conform to biological sex by the proper exercise of the will of those giving mutually of themselves, seeking by this self-giving a greater good for themselves and their children. We also know that this truth is so important that this fundamental unity reflects God’s own transcendental unity and for that God termed this unity between male and female His “very image and likeness” (see Genesis 1:27 and 5:2).
Whether one accepts the Genesis narrative as a literal-grammatical truth or as a religious tale – “myth” even – containing eternal truths as “the Word of God in the words of man,” is ultimately irrelevant. If you are Catholic Christian, or any Christian for that matter, you receive the same truth. God made us “male and female” and in the cognitive knowledge of the sexual embrace we become as one being as God who, though Three Persons, is a Unity in Nature more ineffable, more transcendent, and more “one”that any other unity we may observe in nature, except for that unity humans achieve when they “know” each other as male and female.
For that fundamental reason, along with the anthropology deriving from that primeval understanding, Catholic believers in Church assembled, cannot recognize the legal or moral validity of same-sex unions as being the equivalent of heterosexual unions, for they do not reflect the unity of God, nor do they possess the sexual complementarity God wished for marriage that forms the essential unitive act of marriage, nor are they capable to transmit, in potency or actuality, the gift of life that is love incarnate in the form of a child. Call these unions whatever else you want, but marriage they aren’t, much less moral actions aimed at the natural or supernatural human happiness of those who engage in them