Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SSPX Approves Modified Doctrinal Preamble

Brethren: Peace and Good to all of you.

SSPX logoThese news according to Vatican Insider:
The Society of St. Pius X has replied to the Vatican and the answer is a positive one. Vatican Insider has learnt that the Superior of the Lefebrvians, Bishop Bernard Fellay, has signed the Doctrinal Preamble which the Holy See had presented last September as a condition for the Society to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church and secure canonical regularization.

An official confirmation of the reply should be released in the next few hours. Apparently the text of the Preamble sent by Fellay includes some non-substantial changes compared to the version originally drafted by the Vatican Authorities. Readers may recall that the Ecclesia Dei commission did not want to make the document (two closely written pages) public because they wanted to leave open the possibility for small changes that would not alter the meaning of the Preamble.
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Commentary. It is not secret that in the past I have been very skeptical and harshly critical of the SSPX doctrinal maneuvering and lack of remorse for being in schism for over 20 years. I also said that I believe in miracles. Let's discern if this is such a one. I'll be watching closely for any manifestations of "mental reservations" and Anti-Semitism by the SSPX as they approach full communion with the Church.