Friday, March 02, 2012

Let’s keep our wallets from their gonads too

Warning: I utilize anatomically-correct terms referencing sexual organs in a non-vulgar yet frank fashion on this post. If you object to this language, please don’t continue reading this post

Brethren, Peace be with all of you.

Rush Limbaugh’s recent criticism of Georgetown University’s (a Catholic institution) law student Sandra Fluke’s stance in favor of the Obama Administration’s conscience-violating contraception mandate, has charged the debate in such a way that our objections to the Administration’s mandate will be more difficult to explain and sustain. Miss Fluke is now being portrayed as a victim and this portrayal will drown the debate into irrelevancies. Her newly-gained notoriety will obscure the gravity of this debate and the need for having it.

Miss Fluke advocates a strong mandate for financing personal (in)moral choices with tax payer dollars. She said that contraceptives may cost a woman thousands of dollars every year and that the public must pick up the tab one way or another.

I thought that feminism was all about recognizing the personal dignity of women, but why does that entail that society, by means of government money or mandates, underwrite their choices at the tune of thousands of dollars per person per year?

If you, man or woman, claim full responsibility for your choices, then pay for them yourself. Do you want to be considered a grown up? Then pay your own way and leave the rest of us with more money to meet our own responsibilities.

It’s not that there isn’t a very cheap, 100% safe alternative to thousands of dollars spent in contraceptives: it’s called ABSTINENCE and it is FREE.

If we’re told to keep our “rosaries from their ovaries” (or testicles for that matter), then we ought to be able to keep our wallets away from their gonads too.