Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let us pray for Fr. Tom Euteneuer

Brethren, a scandal has broken out around the person of the noted exorcist and former president of Human Life International, Fr. Tom Euteneuer. You may read by yourselves the following reports:

Of Aquinas, Augustine, and Euteneuer: Reflections on Fr. Tom on the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, and,

The Truth about Fr. Thomas Euteneuer

The allegations are serious but, in my mind, unproven.

Let us pray for Fr. Tom Euteneuer who, by the nature of his ministry, has been a special target of the Enemy. Let us pray for his bishops and for all involved. That the truth may be revealed, and that all who need repentance, forgiveness, and healing, receive it.

*Update February 1, 2011 - Please read: Statement of Fr. Thomas Euteneuer: setting the record straight. Thank you.