Friday, June 11, 2010

Today's the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

What the Heart of Jesus Teaches Us
He showed them his hands, and his side.
St. John 20: 20

Videte manus et pedes...; et ostendit eis latus. See and read in this book of life what I have done for you, says our Lord, look at the many lessons I have taught you. See My Feet, My Hands, and My Side. Behold this open book of My Wounds, this book of the new Testament. My fives Wounds are like the five books of Moses. You read therein what I have done for you, and what you should do for Me in return.

It is not enough, dear Brothers, to read these touching words of our Lord, we should carefully consider what is written in His five Wounds. The Wound of the Side, that is to say, the Wound of the Heart, teaches us how great is the tender love of Jesus Christ. This love has imparted unspeakable radiancy and incomparable sweetness to all that He has said and done and suffered for us. The love of Jesus is very fervent and very deep. It is poured out on all men, even on those who are ungrateful and are His enemies; and this love has chosen the Wound of the Sacred Heart for its dwelling. No one was able to take away our Lord's life, but love conquered Him and constrained Him to deliver Himself up to death for us. Yet even death could not make His love to cease. Why indeed was His Heart opened with a spear after death, if not to point out to us this love, which determined Him to endure so many pains and such deep suffering for our sake?

And after His Resurrection, did Jesus say to His Apostles: Go and avenge Me? No, He said: Go ye, preach to every creature, and to those that believe, baptize. Baptize them with the Water which issued from My Side, which flowed from My Heart! Therefore, dear Brothers, when your mind is filled with dangerous thoughts and evil inclinations, when you sigh under the weight of trouble, sadness and affliction, take refuge in the Wounds of Jesus, above all in that which opens to you the door of His Heart. Hide yourself in His Heart, cast yourself into It, cling to It; and the remembrance of so much loving kindness will make you forget your sorrows and your sufferings. If you would prove the efficacy of the divine remedy which I recommend, try for yourselves, and you will not regret it.

Carthusian of Cologne.
Born in 1489, died in 1539.