Saturday, February 06, 2010

Is Online Eucharistic Adoration Permissible?

Usual interface

I’ve got this question asked of me today and I must confess that I’ve been thinking about it on my own for a while. In the absence of authoritative teaching, this is my considered answer:

Rendering adoration to the Lord in the Eucharist through an online window is no different than sitting under a tree and making an act of spiritual communion while looking at a holy card of a monstrance. Just as the grace of the sacrament flow freely from contemplating the Mystery, whether we do it verbally or by reflecting on a printed image, so it flows as we keep guard with the Lord through this new “window” provided by new technology.

I think that the sacramental reality of the Church can't be pigeon-holed neatly into certain "forbidden" categories. Or said in another way, we should avoid the false dilemma. Catholic practice does not rule out "the next best thing to" attending Mass or adoration in person. It allows reasonable substitutes for the good of one's soul.

I think we can embrace this new medium without fear of endangering one's soul.

Don’t forget to check out the holy card of a monstrance. It is beautiful.