Saturday, August 08, 2009

Clarification on 12 Differences between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches

Folks, the previous post  where I detailed 12 differences between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches was expository in nature. I did it to illustrate as close as possible the stance of the Orthodox Church on at least these 12 issues and to capture to the best of my ability what the Orthodox feel about them. I didn’t write the post as an apologetical treatise to compare and contrast the Catholic and Orthodox perspective on these issues.

Furthermore, these 12 differences are not a statement of my own personal beliefs, at least not without Catholic qualifications. My Statement of Beliefs is a matter of public record. I feel I need to restate it because perhaps I was a little too successful in expounding Orthodox beliefs before and a little less clear as to where I stand now, and where I intend to stand until called home by the Lord:

I am a Roman Catholic Christian. Though my pilgrimage within this the Church of Christ has been fraught by accidents and incidents and doesn't lack unhappy moments, and at times I've even been unfaithful to her, now, in her I take my stand, I can't do otherwise. Within her I was born, within her I intend to die with God's grace. The Catholic Church centered in Rome, the See of St. Peter, is Christ's One True Church and those who have known her as true cannot be saved if they refuse to remain within her.

Please, let there be no doubt whatsoever regarding the determination and strength of my commitment in this regard.