Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fallen Priest Aims at Destroying the Knights of Columbus

Geoff Farrow objects to the K of C's support for California's Proposition 8 and for Catholic Moral Teaching

Folks, this according to CNA:
Suspended priest Geoffrey FarrowFresno, Calif., Jul 2, 2009 / 06:43 am (CNA).- Citing the organization’s support for traditional marriage, a suspended Catholic priest who has turned to homosexual activism has called for Catholic pastors to block Knights of Columbus groups from their parishes and to borrow against the order’s insurance policies to fund homosexual groups.

He said he advocated such action in part because the fraternal charitable organization helped support California’s Proposition 8, which restored legal marriage’s definition to being between a man and a woman.

Fr. Geoffrey Farrow, former pastor of the St. Paul Newman Center at California State University at Fresno, was removed as pastor in October 2008 for defying church teaching on homosexuality and for condemning Catholic support for Proposition 8, the California Catholic Daily reports.

Writing in a June 4 post on his personal blog, Fr. Farrow wrote:

“Many priests have e-mailed me and expressed their rage and anger over the hypocrisy of the Catholic hierarchy in supporting anti-marriage equality legislation… One of the organizations, which the bishops have effectively employed to do their dirty work, has been the Knights of Columbus.”

He discussed what priests can do to fight “the anti-gay agenda of the bishops and the K of C.”

“Borrow the full amount against your Knights of Columbus life insurance policy immediately,” he advised. “Take the check and invest the funds with an LGBT friendly fund. Do not pay back the loan.”

According to the Knights of Columbus’ web site, for more than 120 years the order has sold insurance to help protect families against “financial ruin.”

Patrick Korten, Knights of Columbus Vice-President of Communications, told CNA in a Wednesday e-mail that those who hold a “whole life policy” with the order may indeed borrow against it.

“As with any loan, one is charged interest on the amount borrowed. Taking a full loan against a policy and not paying it back simply diminishes its value to the policyholder and could cause the policy to lapse.

“That, in turn, defeats the very purpose of having the policy in the first place: protection against financial adversity,” he explained.

Fr. Farrow’s blog post also asked priests not to allow Knights of Columbus groups to publish announcements in parish bulletins and not to allow their events to be held on church property. Fr. Farrow suggested programs be created as a pretext to push out the order’s meetings.
Read the entire CNA report here.

Commentary. Today I will be uncharacteristically blunt compared to the usual fare I write here, and the equanimity I seek to cultivate even in the sight of great evil, but I believe it needs to be stated clearly that
Mr. Farrow has compromised his priesthood and jumped into an abyss. A man who once promised to be "alter Christus", Mr. Farrow has opted instead to distort the Gospel and ultimately, the very Image of God in man, sanctioning through his words and actions a lifestyle that is morally and physically destructive to individuals as well as society, as it has proven to be in the Church.
Mr. Farrow offers a prime example why we ought to pray for priests, particularly this year specially dedicated to them: because whenever a priest cracks and falls, he does so hard. In the process, a fallen priest often becomes a blind guide, confidently leading others into the pit (Matthew 15:14). Like the dragon who swept away a third of the stars (Revelation 12:4), Mr. Farrow did also wrench away from the love of Christ and the life of the Mystical Body of Christ his own little army of followers whose consciences he has so cheaply absolved, and continues to do so by means of his blog and other public activism.

Mr. Farrow's recent tirade against the Knights of Columbus reveals a sad man who has gone off the deep end. The detailed instructions he provides to bankrupt the Knights' life insurance system as well as the strategies he describes to marginalize, intimidate, and silence the Knights are troubling and deeply disturbing. They are the products of a sick mind.

I am not going to ask for quick canonical actions and penalties against Mr. Farrow. That's not my place. But prayer for his conversion, healing, and restoration are of the essence, and that does fall within my purview as a follower of Christ. So I hereby call upon all my readers to include the spiritual health of Mr. Farrow as a special intention during Mass and during the prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours. Additionally, let us pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Prayer of St. Michael the Archangel to break the enemy's hold on this man, as well as this Litany in Reparation for Sins Against the Holy Eucharist (for private recitation only, please) for all those consecrations that Mr. Farrow has performed, and will be performing during his illicit celebrations of the Mass, as well as for the men and women who will be receiving the Holy Sacrament without the proper inner dispositions, thanks to Mr. Farrow's words and example. As always, let us pray for ourselves, sinners, and unworthy followers of Jesus Christ in His Church, fully understanding that the wounds of others are our own.

The time has come for intensified spiritual combat. Let us go forth in the joy and love of Jesus Christ, to serve Him and others.