Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An Eloquent Pro-Life Argument

Folks, look at this picture:


The big hand is mine. The little one is my grandson’s. He’s almost two months old.

Ponder this:

There’s no difference between a 9-month “fetus” – which means “child” in Latin – and a one-minute old newborn baby.

There’s no difference between this little hand and that of a fetus in the first trimester of gestations.

This embryo is the same being who once was a zygote only a few cells in extent.

Abortion is murder. Those who perform it are murderers morally, if not legally. Those who facilitate abortion are aiding and abetting the murder of a human life. Those who defend abortion as a “right” are lying and the women (and men) who believe their lies are being victimized all over again.

I challenge you to do this experiment. If you have been blessed with children, look them in the eye and tell them that their mother had a sovereign right to kill them at any stage of her pregnancy with them; hold the tiny hand of your baby and repeat to yourself that abortion makes sense legally and morally.

If you do, you have no heart.