Monday, December 29, 2008

Iran fuels Gaza conflict to increase oil prices

According to CNN and numerous other sources, the Arab street is upset because Israel is wiping out HAMAS in Gaza. This is what I see:
  • HAMAS's stated goal is to destroy Israel;
  • HAMAS has vowed a never-ending struggle against Israel until they "obliterate" it;
  • HAMAS has vowed never to enter into peace negotiations with Israel and they don't see their cease-fires as opportunities to seek peace, but as respites and chances for rest and resupply;
  • HAMAS has just ended such a unilateral cease fire by raining rockets into Israel.
  • Israel waited for HAMAS to come to their senses to no avail and has now retaliated against the Islamic terror group;
  • Israel's retaliation has really REALLY hurt HAMAS and more than likely another unilateral, tactical cease-fire is in the offing;
  • HAMAS had no choice but to engage their little information campaign for which the Arab street is always receptive and thereby save face and perhaps win some concessions;
  • All of the sudden, Israel, not HAMAS, has become the "aggressor."
  • I have to hand it to HAMAS, since they always seem to come out as heroes from all these conflicts even though they are but a pack of murdering Islamo-fascist fanatics.

    There's another angle here that bears some serious consideration. According to Bloomberg, Crude Oil Rises After Israeli Attacks on Gaza Roil Middle East. Could it be that this crisis has been staged by Iran and tacitly approved by other oil-producing countries to restablish the money pipeline to them broken by the ongoing recession? Could it be that Iran is using the Palestinian population in Gaza as pawns to line the coffers of the ayatollahs? The connections between HAMAS and Iran are too many to ignore the possibility of Iranian collusion. HAMAS may think locally but Iran thinks geo-strategically and according to its own interest.

    As for the immediate crisis in Gaza, HAMAS is to blame. The death and mayhem in Gaza are self-inflicted. Thanks to them, more death, more destruction, more agony is visited upon many innocents in a land once called "holy." The Palestinian people deserve better choices than HAMAS. In the end that realization may be the one lesson learned that the Palestinians may come to heed at the voting booth.