Sunday, October 19, 2008

General Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama

Just now on NBC's Meet the Press, former Secretary of State under the second President Bush, Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under the first President Bush, and National Security Advisor to President Reagan, General Colin Powell, has endorsed Senator Barack Obama for President of the United States. General Powell's expressed great skepticism about the the McCain campaign's "narrowness" and expressed concern with the GOP's "further move to the right." General Powell also decried the subsurface animus against Obama's alleged - and false - Muslim religious affiliation and other similar criticisms. General Powell has no personal animus against John McCain but decried the rhetoric surrounding McCain's campaign. Powell praised Obama's youth, dynamism, and ability to inspire, while regretting the disappointment he has brought to his friend, Senator John McCain.

Although I hold an immense respect for General Powell and know the power his words will have, I nevertheless question Obama's personal support, as well as his party's unconditional support to abortion rights. The Right to Choose is an euphemism for the Right to Kill those from among us who are the most vulnerable and innocent. No one can claim any inspired policy insight on solving problems of war and peace and the economy who doesn't understand that a human being is endowed with an inviolable dignity and the full benefit of his or her rights from the moment of conception.

Avoiding the issue as the 'pro-choicers' constantly do by means of tortuous logic and misguided emotional appeals to distorted notions of individual conscience are an attempt to dissolve in a sea of words the humanity of the embryo and the fetus. "Complex thinking" on this issue is but an ill-disguised attempt at oversimplifying the humanity of the fetus into irrelevancy as other "weightier issues" come forward.

Nothing should be more important to us than the fundamental Right to Life, precisely at this moment in time in which many deny it across the board. The fact that this fundamental issue is not important to us is a testimony to our national moral bankruptcy.

We are on the verge of electing someone who does not believe in the Right to Life with the excuse that he is more in line with other priorities we too hold dear. But the foundation of every sound policy is the Right to Life. To build upon any other foundation is to build on sand.

No one is questioning where the hundred of millions of dollars that are feeding into Senator Obama's coffers are coming from and our vaunted investigative media are not researching what kind of powerful interests are pouring so much wealth into this campaign with the goal of controlling the agenda of an Obama presidency. I find this deeply troubling, knowing all too well that the elites behind these outpourings of money do not have the best interest of the unborn in mind, not to say about other issues that impact the constitution of the family and society.

General Powell chose not to recognize these fundamental issues as he made his endorsement and that's fine but even he can't sway me from my commitment to protect innocent human life from the moment of conception and to remove the moral stain that pollutes our national fabric. In all his praise of Barack Obama, General Powell didn't consider that Obama's rather thin portfolio to be a problem and even though he praised both Obama and McCain, Powell's endorsement will move the majority of independent voters and the undecided to vote for Obama.

Baron Von Metternich once said that "each nation has the government each deserves" or words to that effect. If we elect Barack Obama we'll deserve him, just as we deserved George W. Bush before him. That's my prophecy for today and I am sticking with it.