Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Bishop With Guts

My better known colleague Rocco Palmo from Whispers in the Logia bring us an excellent report regarding Bishop Joseph F. Martino of the Diocese of Scranton, PA "who showed up unannounced at a parish forum on the elections in his Northeast Pennsylvania diocese centered mainly on abortion. Bishop Marino vehemently expressed his distaste for what was said about the church’s stance on voting for pro-choice candidates and the exclusion of his anti-abortion letter at the forum, which recommends voting against pro-choice candidates for moral reasons." The parish forum had pointedly ignored the Bishop's Pastoral Letter on Respect for Life, one of the strongest of this season, in favor of the watered-down interpretations of the USCCB’s “Faithful Citizenship” statement seeking to absolve Catholics so that they can vote for pro-abortion politicians with a clear conscience. Bishop Martino calls this misguided position, "madness." He is also no fan of the USCCB document. Read it all here.