Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Two columns to ponder

Folks, I've been too busy lately to add some original contents of my own and that will last for a bit as we wind down the year at work and home. In the meantime, check out these two newspaper columns. On one, Thomas Sowell asks us to Stop ‘making a difference’. A very thought-provoking title since every day I wake up with the purpose of making a difference - and that's not going to change, of course. Nor do i think that's what Sowell means:
Making a difference makes sense only if you are convinced that you have mastered the subject at hand to the point where any difference you might make would be for the better.

Very few people have mastered anything that well beyond their own limited circle of knowledge. Even fewer seem to think far enough ahead to consider that question. Yet hardly a day goes by without news of some uninformed busybodies on one crusade or another.
Which means that we should make a difference on those very things we know and if we don't know anything, then we should start learning something.

The other one is by Cal Thomas, Change what?, in which he says these luminous words:
Our problem is we have more of what we don't need and less of what we do need. More things and poor relationships translate into more for self and less for others. It would appear that self-storage facilities are one of the fastest growing businesses in America. I see them everywhere multiplying like overpriced coffee shops. Why do we need so many storage units? It's because we lack room in our larger houses for all the stuff we don't need, bought on credit with money many of us didn't have. It is because the marketers have sold us on the value of things, while culture has diminished the value of human relationships.
Hear, hear! My parish priest would have concurred.

Read them both and ponder their sage sayings.