Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mexico City cathedral re-opens with enhanced security

Folks, this, according CWNews.com:
Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico CityMexico City, Nov. 27, 2007 (CWNews.com) - The Mexico City archdiocese has re-opened the city's cathedral, after securing a government promise of adequate police protection.

The archdiocese had announced on November 18 that the cathedral would be closed for security reasons, after a leftist demonstration disrupted Sunday services. The demonstrators-- who have organized protests outside the cathedral regularly in recent months-- complained that Cardinal Norberto Carrera Rivera has been interfering in national politics.

After angrily protesting the cardinal's decision to close the cathedral, and saying that the building was a national treasure that should not be controlled by a religious body, the government eventually acceded to the cardinal's requests and promised a force of 30 police officers to guard the site. A video surveillance system is now being installed, and visitors to the cathedral will have their bags inspected.

The Mexico City cathedral, which is 400 years old, had not previously been closed since the Cristeros rebellion of 1926-1929.
Commentary. The Latin American left shares a few ideas in common across the continent: they are thoroughly anticlerical which is to say they hate the Catholic Church. You see, these commies can't stand competition from the Church. Their absolutist claims are diametrically opposed to the Gospel and, when lacking the tools of repression that only the posession of political power can grant, they resort to utter vulgarity in order to shock, intimidate, and sow fear. Of course, in this case, the Mexican Leftist demonstrators enjoyed the protection of Mexico City's major, who happens to be the sore loosing presidential candidate Manuel López Obrador, whose "dignity" they supposedly defended when they invaded the Mexican Cathedral in the middle of Holy Mass.

"Dignity" is a buzzword very popular among many dispossed Latin Americans and in a continent with untold resources and vast numbers of poor people, the quest for "dignity" gains a certain urgency. But "dignity" is also an excuse that politicians like López Obrador and Venezuela's Hugo Chávez use for demagogic effect.

The Catholic Church forged Mexico, having been there well before the mob that brought us the Mexican Revolution ever came to monopolize - and then lose - power. Mexico is no longer dominated by a leftist oligarchy; pluralism of ideas is the order of the day. Catholics in Mexico - and elsewhere - have an inalienable right to be full citizens and co-participants in their country's destiny. López Obrador - or to be fair, at least a significant portion of his followers who think they are doing his bidding - wants to turn back the clock and force the Church into hiding again, just like the good old times.

Mexico is slowly, but surely, coming out of its relative poverty. Prosperity is the enemy of the Left. When losing, Leftists desperately look to take a stand, any stand, anywhere and for whatever reason. This is why they invaded the Metropolitan Cathedral because at the very least they knew that Catholic Christians would turn the other cheek. And they did, and they are so much the greater for that, when compared to the invading mob of "socially conscious" people.

¡Viva Cristo Rey!