Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fatima: Case Closed

Sister Lucia Dos SantosFolks, there are some fellow Catholics Way-Out-There who believe with utter seriousness that the Holy Father -- we're talking here about John Paul the Great -- did not release the full "Third Secret of Fatima" back in 2002. They insist that Sister Lucia, the last surviving seer, went along with the charade "out of obedience."

This poses a number of serious, fundamental problems: if Sister Lucia went along "out of obedience," this implies that:
- The Holy Father John Paul the Great lied;

- The Cardinal Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 2002 also lied -- he happens to be the current Holy Father;

- Both the late and current Holy Father ordered a nun to lie;

- The nun, going against conscience and the commandments, obeyed an unlawful order and lied herself;

- A group of outsiders are privy to all of this and know better than those involved, ergo,

- The outsiders stand in judgment of Pope John Paul the Great, Pope Benedict XVI, and Sor Lucia.
The latest allegations contained in a book by Antonio Socci, The Fourth Secret of Fatima, borrowed from fringe groups of Fatima fanatics, are but the latest in what appears to be a concerted, yet decentralized effort to sully the reputation of the late Pontiff and a transparent effort by Socci to ride on the coattails of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone's book, "L'Ultima Veggente di Fatima," ("The Last Fatima Visionary").

The Fatima fringe will always find an excuse to rationalize their kookiness. Their allegations lack seriousness and credibility. Let us pray they repent and return to the full obedience of the Church soon.

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