Friday, September 21, 2007

British writer takes shots at Pope John Paul the Great

British David Yallop, writes a book besmirching the memory of the great, late Servant of God.

Folks, according to Juan G. Bedoya, a reporter for the Spanish newsdaily El País, David Yallop, a 70-year old British historian, has come up with a newbook, entitled, The Power and the Glory: The Hidden History of the Papacy of Pope John Paul II, in which he casts aspersions against the late Pope. Here are some of the claims Yallop makes about Pope John Paul:
- A pontificate as grandiose in its purpose as twisted in its results

- Unable to stop Vatican corruption.

- Covered-up child sexual abuse in the U.S. and Austria.

- Obdurate protection of Legionnaires of Christ's founder, Marcial Maciel.

- Close relations with sinister dictators such as Augusto Pinochet (strange that he didn't mention Yassir Arafat)

- Merciless persecution of Latin American liberation theologians
Yallop was also the author of In God's Name, a book about the "violent death" of
Pope John Paul I.

The book was unveiled at a recent conference in Spain. It is expected that the alleged revelations contained in the book will "put the breaks" to the ongoing canonization process of Pope John Paul the Great.

Commentary. A crackpot, a conman, and a vile man, unworthy of even untying the shoes of the late, great Pope. That's how history will in turn remember David Yallop, that is, if history were to remember him at all.