Friday, June 29, 2007

It must be something in the water...

Folks, a second letter was published in The San Juan Star, this one on June 15th, attacking the Catholic Church by a self-assured know-it-all.

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Our tropical heat has been affecting Ms. Paula Benedict's reasoning powers, as they've affected those of Mimi Arjona's before. It is either that, or something in the water is triggering these explosions of utter silliness.

Anti-catholicism is in fashion in Puerto Rico, flying high upon the wings of a false intellectualism. Little letters like this one are so filled with inaccuracies--like this statement that the Council of Nicea falsified the Gospels which we find in other pseudoworkds like The Da Vinci Code, or in the quotes from so-called authorities like "D. Crosson" who is really John Dominic Crossan, former Servite priest and a member of the controversial Jesus Seminar, whose only great service to humanity has been to reform Christ in his own image and likeness--that we have to wonder if these ladies wasted their time going to school.

Folks, if you want to read a really good biblical work from a first-rate theologian, you must set aside that crackpot Crossan and read Jesus of Nazareth, by Joseph Ratzinger and see how a real professional of the Word deftly utilizes the tools provided by modern criticism to describe and not undermine the historical person of Jesus of Nazareth, who is one and the same with the Christ of faith.

It would be better for these girls to go back home to read and study before daring to teach things they have no business teaching.

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