Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tidbits from Hither and Thither..

An irregular roundup of things happening.

Vivificat in Spanish thriving.

Folks, today there have been more visitors to the Spanish side of this blog than here. That's sort of a "first." Must've been something I said... Must've touched a nerve or somet'ing.(LOL)

The Schindlers speak out about her daughter Terry

You're probably aware of the controversy that has hit the airwaves concerning the release of two books about Terri Schiavo. Terri's ex-husband, Michael, has published a text he recently affirmed was written to "settle some scores" with Terri's family.

Yesterday, the Schindler's released a provocative book in honor of their daughter that provides a never-before-seen look at Terri's life and death and the societal changes that set the stage for her court ordered dehydration. The book is titled A Life that Matters: the legacy of Terri Schiavo - a lesson for us all and is inscribed with the following dedication:
Dedicated to Terri and to all with disabilities, wounded in body or spirit

May God always be your never ceasing fountain of strength, consolation and joy. May you be seen as our society's greatest treasure.
I urge everyone to read purchase and read this book, and keep the Pro-Life flame alive.

Sidewalk Counseling

Please read Freddy D'Alesio's article, Sidewalk Counseling. It is a moving personal testimony on how the Lord reaches out to mothers in crisis pregnancies and how abortions can be averted by merely loving the mother and her child.

Pope Benedict XVI carries cross in Good Friday procession

Pope Benedict XVI reflected on "diabolical" threats to families and the gap between the world's rich and poor as he led a torch-lit Way of the Cross procession at the Colosseum in Rome on Good Friday.

As a full moon hung behind the ancient amphitheater, Benedict compared Jesus' suffering at his crucifixion to that of the "whole of human history, a history where the good are humiliated, the meek assaulted, the honest crushed, and the pure of heart roundly mocked."

Ahmadinejad: Israel a 'Rotten, Dried Tree' that Will Be Annihilated

TEHRAN, Iran, April 14, 2006 (Beliefnet/AP)-
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called Israel a "rotten, dried tree" that will be annihiliated by "one storm."

Opening of a conference on supporting the Palestinians, Ahmadinejad fired a series of verbal shots at Israel, saying it was a "permanent threat" to the Middle East that will "soon" be liberated, and questioning the validity of the Nazi Holocaust against Jews in World War II.
With rethoric like this, I've started to actively root for the State of Israel. Of course, Ahmadinejad is a buffoon, the Hugo Chávez of the Near East. But he's a dangerous buffoon; he's a harbinger of the paroxism of foulness that is to come in the Middle East. You all know the saying; wars and rumors of war...

And on that happy note, I leave you all for now. I'll be heading shortly to the Easter Vigil Mass. Christ is Risen! Indeed He's Risen!