Friday, April 07, 2006

Jesus and Judas Iscariot "partners in crime" according to Gnostic manuscript

No one in the Mainstream Media's willing to challenge Gnosticism.

Folks, riding in the coattails of the "serious questions" raised by the self-proclaimed work of "historical" fiction, The DaVinci Code, the National Geographic Society now regales us with The Gospel of Judas, and the story on how the Society studied and interpreted a third century manuscript of a second century, perhaps even late first century work.

This morning in NBC's The Today Show, Katie Couric gave a five minute, superficial look at the documentary which the Society is set to broadcast on its channel this coming Sunday. The show invited a representative from National Geographic as well as Dr. Elaine Pagels, a recognized scholar in early Christianity known for her enthusiastic validation of heterodox early Christian movements.

Not one of the participants was either equipped or willing to challenge one very revealing assertion made on the show about this manuscript: that Judas' betrayal was done in obedience to Jesus's very own instructions, for Jesus "needed" to undergo his Passion in order to "shed his body" so that He could tap without physical limitations the full range of his spiritual powers.

This is a Gnostic assertion and the key as to why the Early Catholic Church considered this and so many other so-called "Gospels" as uninspired and therefore, as unworthy of inclusion into the biblical canon. Gnostics saw all matter as "evil" and the human body in particular as a prison to the soul, which is one's "true self" and a spark of divinity emanated from the God in a series of "processions" that safeguarded God's transcedence and man's own divinity.

But you didn't get this from Couric's 5-minute "analysis." She simply doesn't know how to ask the tough questions on this matter. Now, she's going to CBS and I shudder at the thought as to how she's going to improve that networks newscasts after Dan Rather's controversial reign.

The "Gospel of Judas" is really nothing new. Its has been known to have existed for hundreds of years. The Catholic Encyclopedia has a great article on Gnosticism, which I urge all to read here. The article also contains a list of Gnostic works which, I assure you, will be "discovered" in the next few years to fuel the "controversy" about Jesus's true nature, words, and mission that our cultural elite has been encouraging the last few years.